Our Products

    A device with 9 advanced systems the detection and prospecting of metals, gold, treasures, cavities and underground water, in addition to multiple tasks and functions. Detects depths up to 50 meters with horizontal range of 2850 meters.Read more

    Multiple functions device containing 3 advanced and professional detection system for searching and scanning for gold and buried objects. An imaging advanced system works on detecting for depths up to 30 meters and scan area of 40 m2.Read more

    The new metal detector and world’s best for detecting and locating gold and metals for depths up to 8 meters through modern systems. Smart pulse system and 3D Spectrum pulse Analyzer system.Read more

About AJAX

Ajax detection technology is a high-tech innovation enterprise with international leading instrument technology and design platform. We introduce the oversea technology and attract the top talents from the domestic industries. We are committed to the development of the high quality products with international standards and tailored for the users.
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